Monday, May 23, 2011

Traveling Journal: "Around the World" Project

This is an art project created by Jessica Mack from Brown Paper Bunny (a blog also on Blogger). If you want to learn more about this project, please go here.

The first photo shows the actual journal as well as a postcard that I got from Canberra in Australia.

The second photo shows the illustration Jessica has created (the subject of the project is as the title indicates: "Around the world").

Third and Fourth photos show my take on the subject. The illustration of the stamp came as derivation from the subject "mail". The fist drawing shows to me how distances are shortened by people sending actual mail and not only emails.

The second drawing is a stamp which dates back to 1968. It is Mexican and was created to commemorate the Olympic Games which took place that year in my home-country.
I have really enjoyed bejavascript:void(0)ing part of this project as it is not only a fun, creative but on top of that you collaborate with other artists!!!