Monday, May 21, 2012

Swap-bot: Music quote mail art 2

Here's another great idea from the Swap-bot site... it is not only mail art, but this time the idea is to illustrate the lyrics of a song.

Above is the envelope I sent to Canada. I choose La Vie en Rose (sang by Edith Piaf in French and made famous by Louis Armstrong in the States

This is the envelope I got all the way from Australia. It illustrates a song called Beware of Young Girls by Doris Previn. I never heard of it, but I was charmed by the young girls that illustrate it. Thank you to my swap-bot partner: Aleisha!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swap-bot Mail art April... le retour

As part of the mail art exchange for April, I had posted previously a picture of the envelope I have created for my swap-bot partner. This time I am posting pictures of the stuff I got from from JFLO in the States.
She had created a box for me, but as she took the parcel to the post office the rates for international parcels were much higher than she expected, so she ended up sending the goodies in a regular envelope.

Pas de soucis! (or not a problem in good old English)... I was delighted with all she sent to me!!! The goodies included: three lovely handmade cards, a funny magnet (I just love it!) and a charming bookmark from South Caroline.

I was quite touched by the contents of the envelope, the presentation and the care and love she put in creating this parcel.

So this post is dedicated to all of those who swap on swap-bot and to JFLO for her thoughfulness!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy 75th Christopher!

Today's was Christopher's 75th birthday. Sir Christopher M. was a British ambassator in Near East in his youth. He's a born and bred Scottsman and does a wonderful eightsome reel! He just ran his 5th marathon in Paris this year and is an overall "campy" guy, but oh so British!...
So here's to you, Chris and to many more times searching for whisky in your sporran!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rousseau's jungle

 Looking at some work by Henri Rousseau a 19th century French naive painter, I got inspired by his depictions of the jungle (which he never visited himself) and I came up with the ideal setting for a lover's kiss.